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Kids First Dental and Visage Dental are now Restore Dental!
Kids First Dental and Visage Dental are now Restore Dental! Highlands Ranch, CO

Kids First Dental and Visage Dental are now Restore Dental!

Dr. Chiu with family

Hello and welcome to Restore Dental, formerly Visage Dentistry and Kids First Dental! My name is Dr. Dave Chiu and my wife is Dr. Jieun (“June”) Chiu. We have two wonderfully crazy kiddos, Abigail (7) and Evan (5). I grew up in Toronto, Canada while my wife was raised in Chicago. We met in dental… read more

How Can I Replace One Missing Tooth?

An upset woman with dental issue.

Did you lose a tooth in an accident or due to an oral health condition? A gap in your teeth can be unsettling for many people. Not only can it change the appearance of your smile, but it can also affect other oral functions like speech and eating. The good news is there are options… read more

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A dentist and a satisfied young woman after smile makeover.

Do you have flaws in your smile that you want to change? A crooked tooth, stains, gaps and other dental problems can impact the overall appearance of your smile. Since your teeth and smile are one of the first features people notice, it can affect your self-confidence if they do not look their best. You… read more

What Is the HealthyStart® System and How Does It Work?

A relaxed satisfied young woman with nice smile sitting in a dental chair.

Teeth growth and alignment in children affect more than just the appearance of a smile. Misalignments can contribute to a variety of symptoms of child sleep-disordered breathing such as snoring, mouth breathing, bedwetting, cognitive challenges, underdeveloped jaw or airway and more. Instead of waiting until adolescence or the early teen years to address misalignments with… read more

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