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A beautiful young woman wearing glasses showing her perfect teeth in her smile.

Your smile is an important part of your appearance. A straight, white smile is equated with health and youth, and it is one of the first features people notice. Keeping your teeth healthy is important, but you also want them to look their best. At Restore Dental, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chiu, and the rest of our dental team can help you achieve your best smile at our clinic in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Smile Makeovers

You do not need to live with a smile that is embarrassing or impacts your self-confidence. Not everyone is born with the genetics for a perfect smile. Many people need orthodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry to achieve the smile they desire. Even if you had a great smile when you were younger, aging, disease and injuries can affect the appearance of your smile. We offer smile makeovers at Restore Dental to give you a smile that will boost your self-confidence and appearance.

Advanced Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Whether you have a few small dental flaws you want fixed or need a complete smile makeover, we can help you achieve your new smile. Many cosmetic treatments can be performed in one visit, and complete smile makeovers usually only require less than a few weeks to complete. We can fix chipped, stained or missing teeth, and hide many different flaws with cosmetic bonding or dental veneers.

There is no reason to hide your smile flaws behind closed lips. Our cosmetic dentist and dental team at Restore Dental can give you a smile you are proud to show the world. To schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact our dental center in Highlands Ranch to book your appointment.

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